Tool 1

Evaluation of an Investment Proposal

Rational and general principles of Tool1

The aim of Tool1 is to assess the impact of planned investments and transformative projects on the transition of one area (region/municipality) towards a sustainable growth model.
The Tool is available to policy makers at the local level and takes into account the needs of
(a) Society
(b) Economy
(c) Climate change.

Investments should meet a set of objective evaluation criteria, which will have been defined and specified in advance.

ID Criteria Description Select Criteria
ID Criteria Weight Evaluation Weight Points Left: 100
Proposal Number

Note: The weights do not change for each project. They remain exactly the same for all the projects that are to be evaluated

This is the page where the evaluators provide their scores for each selected criterion with a predefined weight.

ID Project Evaluation Result Weight Select Score (1-5)
Final Result
The highest possible total evaluation score is 100(this is happening only if the specific project scores 5 in each criterion)
  out of 100

Proposal Number :

Project Number :